Like Sports? Head to the Luxor in Las Vegas

December 3, 2012

The US is a country that loves its sports. We’ve got everything here: football, soccer, rugby, bowling, table tennis, racing, gymnastics, and the list goes on and on. Our love of sports and dedication to sport shows in the Olympics where we have consistently performed very well event after event.

The great part about sports in America is the affection for amateur sports we have. Sure we love our professional sports players, but we make an effort so that everyone has the opportunity to play multiple sports growing up and even as adults. If you’re one of those people that are a huge fan of sports or have been an amateur athlete your whole life, a new attraction to the Luxor in Las Vegas needs to be a stop on your itinerary during your next Las Vegas vacation.

Score! is the latest attraction at Luxor. This new attraction for sports lovers of all walks of life is like an ESPN Zone on steroids; it is Las Vegas, things have to be the biggest and best here! The attraction is completely interactive. There are areas where you can test your skills in the same ways professionals do. There is a huge area dedicated to football but other sports are not ignored at all. There are sections for boxing, hockey, NASCAR, baseball, and basketball.

Not only is Score! an interactive tribute to sport, it’s also a tribute to sports history. There is plenty of famous memorabilia including contracts, sports equipment, and clothing. You can even go through a pretend situation where you live the life of a professional athlete trying to get a contract and signed with a major team.

Every sport has sections that are unique to themselves. There’s plenty to do at Score! in theLuxorfor sports fans and non-sports fans alike. Score! is opening in the month of November, so if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas any time soon, be sure to add this brand new attraction to your list of places to see!

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