Attractions Outside Las Vegas

July 2, 2013

Plan on visiting Las Vegas sometime soon? People are drawn to Las Vegas every month and weekend of the year. The city is so busy that there is no “off-season”, but there are times when the city slows down. Las Vegas’ slower moments tend to be in late-November and December. If you plan to visit the city when thousands of others plan to visit too, you can still find ways to escape the heavy crowd along the Strip.

There is plenty of entertainment to be found outside of Las Vegas. Just outside the city is the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Located just 10 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, you can find some of the nation’s best chocolate. The factory allows guests to see how the equipment turns raw ingredients into a treat you love. After the factory tour, guests are able to make purchases.

Another common destination people enjoy outside the city is Red Rock Canyon. West of Las Vegas, you can hike or take your car and drive to some of the canyon’s more spectacular rock features. The visitor center has a map to direct tourists to the best spots. Red Rock Canyon is also a very affordable attraction. The entrance fee is $5 a car and if you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife.

If you are interested in seeing some of human’s pre-history influence in the area, 95 miles northeast of Las Vegas is Valley of Fire State Park. In the park, there are Aztec stone formations as well as Petroglyphs created by early Native Americans. Again, be sure to visit the visitor’s center to get directions to the park’s most interesting features.

Are you interested by architecture or engineering? If you are, then you will enjoy Hoover Dam. Named after President Herbert Hoover, the dam was created in 1935 and is now considered a Historical National Landmark. Hoover Dam is not far from Las Vegas; it is located approximately 30 miles southeast of the city.

There is plenty to do both in Las Vegas and outside of the city. If you want to experience a bit more of what Las Vegas or Nevada has to offer, take a look at these additional attractions. They will make your trip much fuller and more enjoyable.

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