Bee Gee Robin Gibb Takes Turn For Worse

September 26, 2012

Last night’s episode of Glee featured music from the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack. The music of this iconic film defined a genre of music, a lifestyle, and a generation. And if there is one musical artist or group that was at the forefront of the disco movement, it had to be the Brothers Gibb—Barry, Robin, and Maurice—the Bee Gees.

While some naysayers back in the day dissed disco and even staged burning of disco records, the world has come to recognize the unique talents of the Bee Gees. The falsetto voices, the distinctive lyrics, and the pitch-perfect harmonies have never been duplicated. While Glee celebrated the Bee Gees last night, The Australian Bee Gees Show—A Tribute can currently be seen in Las Vegas as a residency show. Amidst all the resurgence of Bee Gee appreciation comes the sad news that one of the Gibb brothers, Robin, has been stricken with pneumonia and is currently in a coma in a London hospital. Robin has had a rough time of it lately. Most recently he has battling liver cancer but he believed that he had turned the corner and was making plans for shows and a new album. He was recently hospitalized for a bowel obstruction but thought he’d be better in a few weeks. Apparently he has taken a turn for the worst and now loved ones are holding vigil and hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Maurice Gibb died eight years ago from a bowel obstruction and a fourth brother, Andy, who was not a Bee Gee but a talented musician in his own right, died in 1988 at the age of 30 from a heart condition.

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