Carrot Top – Live in Las Vegas

February 26, 2013

Known to the world only as Carrot Top, Scott Thompson has been making people laugh for years. Carrot Top and his trademark red/orange hair are now performing live on the Las Vegas strip. Carrot Top has been seen on many different television shows and has even been seen in big budget Hollywood movies such as The Hangover. Carrot Top has even starred in movies!

Carrot Top really loves to involve the audience while he performs his comedy act. He has also been known to use a large number of different props during his comedy act. Carrot Top’s unique blend of snappy one-liner jokes and hilarious usage of props will have you rolling around in your seat laughing uncontrollably. Let it be known, Carrot Top puts on one hilarious show. You might even find yourself crying from laughter. Carrot Top says, “My act has been my life since its inception. I aim to make every member in the audience laugh until they cannot laugh any longer, only then will I be satisfied with my performance.”

It is true; there is only one Carrot Top in the world. You can see Carrot Top perform his hilarious act live at the Luxor Atrium Showroom in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Carrot Top is very quick witted and has even been known to improvise at times during his set. If you enjoy laughing, and do not mind seeing some insane prop usage, purchase tickets to see Carrot Top live in Las Vegas today. You won’t be sorry that you did.

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