Cirque du Soleil’s Zarkana Coming this November

November 26, 2012

Las Vegas is a vacation city full of casinos, entertainment, and shows. A trip to Las Vegas without seeing one of the dozens of live shows is like going to Disney World and never visiting the Magic Kingdom. Some things just have to be done. Luckily,Las Vegas has a wide variety of shows so people of all tastes will find something they enjoy.

One company has a long history of putting on spectacular shows in Las Vegas and internationally. They are Cirque du Soleil. Numerous shows of theirs have been at Las Vegas throughout the years. There’s often at least one or two Cirque du Soleil shows running at the same time in Las Vegas; they are simply that popular.

The latest addition to the Cirque du Soleil shows inLas Vegasis called Zarkana. Zarkana has been running in limited “previews” since November 1st at the Aria near CityCenter. Currently this is the 7th ongoing production inLas Vegasrun by Cirque du Soleil. Zarkana follows a character (not surprisingly) named Zark. He’s a magician who loses his powers and decides to go on an adventure to recover them.

The show boasts plenty of unique and fantastic characters played by 75 artists from all over the world. Zarkana is heavy on acrobatics, as are most Cirque du Soleil productions. One unique aspect of this show is the closeness the audience will have. The theater in Aria is not as big as other theaters in Las Vegas. This means the audience has a much more up-close and personal experience when they go to see Zarkana.

If Cirque du Soleil shows are something you enjoy, you might want to book your tickets to Aria sooner rather than later. Tickets fill up fast and the winter season is a great time to be in Las Vegas; it’s a lot cheaper in the colder months! If you want more information head to our Zarkana page by using the toolbar on the left.

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