Enjoy Some Blue Time in Las Vegas

March 26, 2013

Wondering what shows you want to see while in Las Vegas? One of the most unique show experiences you can find is the Blue Man Group. The Blue Man group is recognizable by many around the world and you may find yourself the point of envy when people hear you plan on seeing them live.

The Blue Man Group is truly unique when you see men painted blue playing a variety of unique instruments. The show is truly colorful and is a work of visual art. Ears and eyes are stimulated with their unique performance combining music and paint. While it may seem simple in concept, the show has been mesmerizing audiences for a while.

The show is truly a splash of color. While the performers appear in blue with black uniforms, they splash brilliant and bright colors of reds, yellows, and an assortment of colors. The colorful performance is only punctuated with the musical beat of the performers. The show is so popular that the Blue Man Group performs in their own Venetian Blue Man Group Theatre.

Optimal seats for the Blue Man Group may be expensive to some, but the seats are well worth the value when you see this group perform up close. The show is truly unique compared to the comedians and other musical performances available in Las Vegas. While other shows are just people with or without props, the Blue Man Group experience is the only show where paint is used to accent musical fun. The performance is so busy and active audiences actively try to figure out what will be done next.

What makes the Blue Man Show unique is the theme. While each performance offers talent and comedy, there are different themes found in their various performances. Themes found in their performances include science, information overload, innocence, and self-conscious among others. Each skit is performed by three artists and the skit varies with the theme of each performance. So whether you see the show just once or decide to attend  it multiple times, you’ll enjoy each performance.

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