Guns N’ Roses Promo Taken Down

November 12, 2012

Las Vegas is a destination for entertainment, shock, awe, and great music. It has been that way for decades and continues to uphold that reputation. There are definitely venues and performers in Las Vegas that are extreme. There’s also lots of family friendly entertainment in the city as well. Despite this, one hotel is catching flack for a promo that demonstrates some poor taste.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is currently hosting a popular band for 12 shows. Guns N’ Roses started their very popular set on October 31st. But a certain promo that was put up by the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has caught a lot of flack for being offensive and inappropriate.

In materials promoting the Guns N’ Roses 12 show even at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino a picture of a woman who appears to be sexually assaulted while under the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign was simply too much. Count commissioners, rape crisis groups, and women’s groups decried the image as offensive as well as glorifying of domestic violence and rape.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, being responsible hosts for the 4-week show pulled all of these promotions recently. The last thing a show host would want to do is offend people who may Of course, the show continues to go on and will play through to the 25th of November.

We’re sure this hasn’t phased the band as it continues to perform in Las Vegas. The show has been very popular, partly because it’s so limited. Guns N’ Roses plays a wide selection of their hits over the years, including songs from their 2008 album. It’s hard to believe that this year is also the 25th anniversary for their “Appetite for Destruction” album that gave them the stardom they still command today.


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