Huge Renovation Project for Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas

November 19, 2012

When you hear someone say Las Vegas, a lot of people immediately think of the iconic and impressive Hotels and Casinos that line the strip. There are plenty of memorable ones: The Bellagio with its amazing fountains, MGM Grand the two roaring lions guarding the entrance, Caesar’s Palace and its neo-Roman designs, and the Luxor pyramid which has the brightest beam in the world shooting skyward from the apex.

These are all wonderful hotels, but they are combined with their respective casinos. There are some places in Las Vegas that focus entirely on the luxury aspect of the hotel and do not offer a casino. One such place is the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas.

Four Seasons in Las Vegas has recently begun work on a $30 million dollar renovation project that will cover all 424 rooms in the hotel. Now the hotel is moving from a more traditional look to a more modern and sophisticated one. They aren’t going overboard with the sophistication though.

The hotel itself is located within Mandalay Bay, so there is access to a casino close by but at Four Seasons you’re getting the top of the line hotel treatment. It is after all a AAA Five Diamond resort. A big part of the renovations is the new focus on sustainable technology being implemented. The hotel is adopting a wide variety of LEED-certified materials in the renovations in order to reduce the hotels ecological footprint.

Businesses travelers and families alike will appreciate the new beds and furniture (a nice big desk!) in every room. The hotel is also providing 100mb wireless internet for its guests. The new flat-screen TVs will have a hub for charging any electronics you might have, from smartphones to portable DVD players.

$30 million dollars buys a lot and Four Seasons is hoping the renovations enable them to continue providing an excellent experience for their guests. Once the renovations are complete, we’ll have to see if the guests agree they were worth it or not.

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