Ideas for Your Spring or Summer Wedding in Las Vegas

April 9, 2013

Getting married in Las Vegas has become the butt of many jokes but it can be a fun and beautiful event. Marriages in Las Vegas are without a doubt some of the most unique throughout the country. There are even tips available when planning your Las Vegas wedding on multiple websites.

Weddings occur all year round but if you are working around the calendar, you may want to take advantage of the holidays. However, keep in mind that holidays are an immensely popular time for special events and vacationers alike. If you want to get married in Las Vegas, try to make a reservation early. Reception sites book solid and you want to make sure you have safe place to celebrate with friends and family afterward.

If you’re wedding venue is indoors, how you dress may not be such concern. However, if you have your heart set on an outdoor Las Vegas wedding, wearing a heavy gown or black-layered tuxedo can become unbearable. Unless you love the extreme heat, you may find yourself getting married in triple-digit weather.

Thanks to Hollywood, many people believe you can just walk into a wedding chapel an get married. The “accidental off-the-street wedding” is not legal. While Las Vegas makes quick and convenient weddings possible, all the legal work has to be in order and all requirements met before a couple can receive their marriage license: witnesses are necessary but if you have no witnesses available, there are witnesses on hand to sign the license.

So what about all the unique themed weddings you’ve heard about? Well, Las Vegas provides a number of unique if not wacky options. It is true, you can get married by Elvis. Not the real one, but a great Elvis impersonator, and the ceremony is offered by a number of Las Vegas hotels and chapels.

Looking for something other than Elvis? Look into Denny’s weddings, Horror weddings, Pirate ship weddings, and Gondola weddings. From Harley-Davidson to nude weddings, there are a number of themes a betrothed couple can look into. So be sure to research what you want and when you want your wedding and give yourself plenty of time to make reservations and fly into and out of the city.

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