Las Vegas for Wedding Guests

April 30, 2013

Are you headed to Las Vegas to attend a wedding or planning a Las Vegas wedding yourself? Las Vegas is a great place to have weddings. Wedding guests have a great time, both at the wedding and around the city, because Las Vegas is a great destination for a party and there is so much to do! Many wedding guests like to come a few days before a wedding, or stay a few days afterwards, to enjoy some time in Las Vegas.  People who are planning destination weddings also love to plan weddings in Las Vegas because they know that all of their guests will be excited about coming to Las Vegas for the wedding.

Most big hotels have experienced wedding planners who can direct couples and their guests to fun activities in Las Vegas. They will help you to put together a welcome packet with suggestions for activities, places to eat, and shows to see for your guests. You may even be able to find cheap discount tickets for your guests to shows like Cirque du Soliel, big concerts, and some of Las Vegas’s famous magic shows. If you are hosting the wedding in a hotel and using a room block in the same hotel, many hotel groups will include some complimentary gaming chips so that your guests can take a spin in the casino to get their trip off to a great start! If your wedding is in a hotel, it is also easy to arrange a breakfast the day after the wedding to thank your guests for coming.

If you’re going to Las Vegas for a wedding, it will be easy to get to all of the wedding events. Las Vegas is an easy town in which to get around. Many weddings are held in hotels and casinos. You might even find that the wedding, the reception, and the show you want to see the night before are all in the same building!  After the wedding, take some time to explore Las Vegas, relax by the pool, or do some shopping to pick out the perfect belated wedding gift!

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