Las Vegas Safety Tips

January 28, 2013

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. However, if you aren’t careful and mindful of your surroundings, you can find yourself filing a police report or in danger instead of enjoying the city’s offerings. We’ve put together a few safety tips to help you navigate Las Vegas and make the most of your vacation! Las Vegas is just as safe as your average big city, however, you can never be too vigilant!

  • When at the casinos, keep a careful eye on your purse and other personal belongings. Gambling (especially when you’re winning) can suck in 100% of your attention and focus. Professional thieves and crooks know this, and won’t hesitate to take advantage of it.
  • A common scam to be aware of: in the casinos, a pickpocket might throw a few chips at your feet while you aren’t looking, asking you if they’re yours. As you bend down to “help” him pick them up, wondering if they maybe are yours, the pickpocket’s partner approaches from behind and takes whatever he can from your pockets.
  • Many people believe that the casinos are safe because they’re so closely observed by staff members on the floor and through cameras. However, don’t be deceived. Casino staff members are looking out for their assets – not yours.
  • Criminals in Las Vegas know that many tourists walk around with lots of cash. Everyone knows it and everyone does it because they assume it’s “the thing to do.” While it’s highly unlikely that you will be mugged in a highly visible public place, occasionally bad things do happen. Don’t let them happen to you! Carry only the cash that you need.
  • While on the casino floor, you should regularly exchange your chips for higher denominations. Also, keep these higher denomination chips with you in a place where they can’t be stolen from you. Back pockets, purses, and coat pockets are a definite no.

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