MURRAY ‘Celebrity Magician’ Show to Continue through 2012

October 22, 2012

The show MURRAY ‘Celebrity Magician’ has been showing at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino for most of 2012. It has been met with great reviews and many entertained audiences. The name may sound familiar to you, as Murray SawChuck got his fame during his semifinalist competition on the NBC show America’s Got Talent. Since then, his career as an entertainer has expanded.

Murray has been on the show Pawn Stars, Celebracadabra, Reno 911, Last Comic Standing, Tough Love, and many more. As it turns out, he has even more good news before the end of 2012. The Tropicana Hotel and Casino has offered the MURRAY ‘Celebrity Magician’ show an extension until the end of 2012. Murray SawChuck, of course, agreed.

This means families and magic fans have another few months to get to Vegas and see his great show. Currently, Murray is one of the most charismatic, funny, and talented entertainers performing in Vegas. He’s creative and also family-friendly. This is especially good for parents who have their kids with them in Vegas. Sometimes it can be hard to find family-friendly shows to attend as a family, and in this case, MURRAY ‘Celebrity Magician’ is a great choice.

What goes on during Murray’s shows? He presents his audience with excellent illusions and tricks. He’s known for doing some really impressive illusions involving disappearing large objects in seemingly impossible ways. If only we could figure out his secrets! But that’s part of the reason his show is so compelling for many Last Vegas visitors – the mystery of it all keeps you glued to your seat and watching carefully!

Murray’s career is just starting to get big. If he continues to improve and satisfy audiences, there’s no telling how far his fame will go. We’re hoping after his contract is complete after 2012 ends, he’ll find somewhere else to continue putting on great shows in Las Vegas. Be sure to look him up on Google if you’re interested!

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