Penn Hangs on at Celebrity Apprentice

May 26, 2012

Las Vegas headliner Penn Jillette is still alive in the reality show “Celebrity Apprentice.” While several celebrities have been fired by Donald Trump and it was rumored that former Peepshow cast member Aubrey O’Day left the show, Jillette is still holding strong, even though the fighting became even a bit much for him. Never one to shy away from controversy, he actually seemed to be getting a bit worn down from the fighting. Perhaps it’s because he used to doing all the talking while his show partner Teller remains silent. Hmm. Maybe that’s why they’ve been together for so long. As for Aubrey, it appeared that she was heading for the elevators to leave a few weeks ago, but she just needed a break from the negativity. She is still on the show. Another frequent Las Vegas entertainer, Lisa Lampanelli, is still hanging on in the show, but her fuse seems to be growing shorter every week. She is known as an insult comic and after last week’s show, we all know how she has earned that moniker.

In last week’s show, the groups worked with Jim Henson’s son to create a muppet show. At the end of the show, it was Orange Coast Chopper dude Paul Teatul who was fired by Trump. Those still remaining include Penn, Lisa, Aubrey, Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa, Arsenio Hall, Clay Aiken, and Dayana Mendoza.

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