What to do Around Las Vegas

April 23, 2013

There is a lot to do in Las Vegas and for anyone who wants to get out of the city there are also plenty of places to go around Las Vegas. Plan a day trip or a half-day adventure into your Las Vegas trip to see some of the area around Las Vegas too. When exploring the surrounding area, you can go on an organized trip or rent a car and drive yourself. It can be easy to spend a lot of time in casinos, theaters, and Las Vegas’s great entertainment venues. Make sure you get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather as well!

Exploring the area around Las Vegas can also be great for families with children. Kids from other parts of the country can learn about the desert ecosystem and see a new landscape. There are also great adventure options for kids who want a more energetic vacation. Take your kids on a desert adventure where they can see lizards, cacti, and other aspects of the desert. You can also try fun activities like zip lining, ropes courses, or animal adventures. Your guide can teach you and your kids all about the environment in the Southwest.

If you are a nature lover, spend a day hiking outside Las Vegas. Nevada can get very hot, so bring plenty of water, sunscreen and protective clothing. People who are new to the area often underestimate how much water they need, so hiking with a guide or in a group is always a good idea. There are even overnight camping trips where you can hike for two days and spend the night in a tent with food, music, and great company. For more adventurous travelers, this is a great option! It can also be fun to spend the next night in a hotel, catching up on sleep and getting a spa treatment for your tired feet.

How can you find out exactly where to go around Las Vegas? Look online for group trips that leave from the city. These usually include pickup at your hotel, a guide who can tell you about the history, nature, and culture of the area, and lunch or at least snacks and water.

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