Be Mindful of Taxi Scams

July 16, 2013

Las Vegas is a busy city and taxis are among the primary methods of transportations for visitors to the city. With many out-of-towners arriving on a daily basis, taxi drivers are kept busy. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad. Not every taxi driver is honest in Las Vegas and the moment you jump into a taxi, you can’t be certain whether the woman or man behind the wheel is honest.

So you plan on going to Las Vegas, how will you avoid being scammed by dishonest taxi drivers? Well, we have a few tips for you to consider. One of the most obvious clues to a possible taxi scam is if the meter isn’t running in the cab and the taxi driver tells you it hasn’t been working. It begs the question, how much will your ride be by the time you’ve reached your destination?

Here are some helpful tips to consider before you arrive at Las Vegas:

Make sure you have change and small bills; some taxi drivers will claim to have no change forcing you to pay with large bills. You may be overpaying by quite a bit because of a taxi drivers possible lie.

Do not get into an unlicensed taxi cab. If the taxi driver is in a licensed cab, he or she is probably more honest than an unlicensed freelance taxi driver. Passengers in Las Vegas can only be charged what is on the meter.

Be sure your taxi fare is for your group and luggage and not what you will have to pay per person. Las Vegas cabs can carry a maximum of 5 people.

Use your phone map app to double check your route; even licensed taxi drivers may take the farthest and longest route in order to charge you more. This applies especially when leaving the airport or taking a taxi to an attraction outside the Las Vegas Strip. The I-215 tunnel from the airport to the strip is never the shortest route.

You may find yourself surprised by a “waiting charge” when you are stuck in traffic.

If you don’t trust the taxi driver, get out. Be aware, in Las Vegas, taxis cannot be hailed from the street.

Taxicab companies are required to maintain a lost and found.

These are just a few of the suggested tips for taxi transport in Las Vegas. Before any trip, try to familiarize yourself with the taxi rules and guidelines before you arrive and attempt to hail a taxi.

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