Day Trips From Las Vegas: Red Rock Canyon

January 14, 2013

Red Rock Canyon is perhaps one of the easiest day trips to complete from Las Vegas. A mere 15 miles west of Las Vegas, getting to Red Rock Canyon is quite easy. While the bus system does not go out to Red Rock Canyon, you can take one of the organized tours or rent a car yourself.

The park is open year round, and enjoyed by extreme sports enthusiasts as well as families and individuals. The biggest draw in Red Rock Canyon is the 3,000-foot escarpment, which was produced many years ago by a thrust fault. The park also features gorgeous red rocks and outcroppings of Aztec sandstone. The Calico Hills are another favorite set of formations that many locals enjoy visiting time and time again.

There’s a 13-mile scenic drive that you should definitely check out if you’re taking a car to Red Rock Canyon. Also, look into horseback riding options, rock climbing, hiking, biking, and camping opportunities in Red Rock Canyon.

Warnings & Cautions:

A day or morning at Red Rock Canyon can provide fun for the whole family. However, there are a few things you should be aware of.

  • Temperatures in the summertime can reach 105ºF, making proper clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen essential.
  • Summer thunderstorms and flash floods are a serious threat. You should always check the weather forecast before hading out to Red Rock Canyon. However, even if the forecast appears to be good, you should always be prepared as storms can arise at surprising times.
  • Venomous rattlesnakes are in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Avoid snakes by staying on the trail and remaining alert. Medical assistance is always available at visitor entrances.

Though Red Rock may have a few dangers, it has many more rewards. Take a break from the standard Las Vegas experience, and experience some of the wild just outside of Vegas!

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