Dressing for Las Vegas in Spring

April 2, 2013

Las Vegas is a popular destination all year round and doesn’t have a down season like many popular tourist destinations. As a city in the desert, people are generally aware that Las Vegas gets hot but they may not realize just how much temperatures can fluctuate within the season. Spring may be one of the more comfortable times to book a trip to Las Vegas. Generally, if temperatures hold true to the averages, March to May are the months to enjoy being outside. Temperature in spring typically ranges from the 70s to the low 80s in the daytime but may drop considerably at night.

Las Vegas has many attractions including water attractions and hotels with outdoor pools. March may be too early to enjoy the water but mid-April is considered by most to be the start of the Las Vegas pool season. By April, you’ll definitely want to wear shorts when walking around Las Vegas. One tip; by April, make sure you stay hydrated as temperatures can start to get hot. These temperatures also make March to April the perfect time to go out and enjoy time on one of the Las Vegas golf courses.

The comfortable temperatures of a Las Vegas spring makes it a popular vacation destination. The city seems to jump straight from winter to summer temperatures but the spring and fall seasons are deemed by most the best months to visit the city. Within three months time, Las Vegas can go from a high of 70 in March to just under 90 by May. So if you plan on doing a lot of outdoor walking and visiting some of Las Vegas’ outdoor attractions, the spring and fall months are the best time to plan. However, if you plan a spring trip to Las Vegas, be prepared for heavy crowds of traffic. Both foot and automobile traffic is heavy in Las Vegas but most take advantage of walking. For those looking for a deal, May starts Las Vegas’ summer season and many hotels start to offer incentives. May is the perfect time to enjoy the sun without feeling overwhelmed by it.

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