Drinking and Walking On and Off the Strip

July 2, 2013

Las Vegas is a city dedicated to having adult fun; comedies, gambling, live entertainment, and drinking. Las Vegas is a common destination for vacationers, honeymooners, and young adults looking for a party all year long. To continue the party atmosphere and lower your inhibitions so you’ll keep gambling, many casinos offer drinks along the Las Vegas Strip.

In Las Vegas, you are allowed to drink alcohol on the Strip. Unlike many cities around the United States, people are allowed to walk and drink on the Las Vegas Strip. It only becomes a problem if you start stumbling and act out inappropriately. If this occurs, you can be charged with public intoxication.

Alcohol is easy to come by along the Strip. There are many little liquor outlets that people frequent and are often cheaper than the hotel bars. Although people are allowed to walk with open alcohol on the Strip, it is illegal to walk and drink off the Las Vegas Strip. Be sure to avoid leaving the Las Vegas Strip with opened alcohol, you can get a ticket off of the strip.  Additionally, open alcohol is not allowed in vehicles or cabs unless it is a chartered service.

There are many cheap places to find both mundane and exotic drinks all along the Strip, but free drinks are available to anyone 21 years and older when gambling. To be polite, many people still tip the waitresses and it is recommended. Cheap drinks tend to be small so you may be buying more of them. If you are in a club drinks are expensive. The start cost of individual drinks range anywhere from $10 to $20. If you plan on drinking in clubs or lounges in Las Vegas, be sure to set aside plenty of money for drinks alone.

Even though you won’t be ticketed for drinking and walking, you can be ticketed for littering. After finishing a drink, you do not want to set your empty container down and walk away. Drinks handed out by casinos have casino logos on them and are gathered up and returned to their respected casino. Cans or bottles left along the Las Vegas Strip are what can leave people with a littering ticket.

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