Free Attractions in Las Vegas? Yes, Good Ones Too

November 12, 2012

Going to Las Vegas on a vacation you should definitely be expecting to spend money. Anyone who doesn’t is kidding themselves. There are so many attractions that you’ll simply have to see or experience once you get there. On top of that, there are the casinos. No man or woman can gamble without spending some money! Besides, what would a trip to Las Vegas be if you didn’t experience as much as you could? It would be a pretty boring one and you’d wonder why you went at all.

But if you’re looking to save some money or simply enjoying having a good time at little to no cost (who doesn’t?), there are some seriously awesome attractions in Las Vegas that are absolutely free. These can be a great way to burn time but not money. Or they can be used a fallback plan in case you do burn too much money at the casinos and are left with little for the rest of your trip – but hopefully that doesn’t happen.

So what is available for free in Las Vegas? First of all, if you’re looking for a show that you’re guaranteed to enjoy, head to the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. They have a very entertaining Pirate Show that takes place for free in the front of the Hotel. You’ll see pirates, music, dance, and sword fights, plus much more. Be sure to check Treasure Island Hotel and Casino’s website for the schedule.

One of the most famous and well-recognized attractions in Las Vegas is absolutely free as well. Can you guess what it is? It involves water. Water and lights, and water shooting up in the air. Yes, it’s the Bellagio Fountains and Garden. Shows are frequent so be sure to stop by the Bellagio.

Another fascinating free attraction is the Mirage Volcano and Rainforest. This is a serious reincarnation of a real rainforest. There are over 300 orchids and over a 100 different kinds of plants in the rainforest. The volcano shoots flames into the night sky for a cool show as well.

Be sure to check out these free attractions next time you’re inLas Vegas! You won’t regret it.

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