Get by on the Cheap

December 3, 2012

Want to take a vacation to Las Vegas but on a strict and limited budget? Don’t worry, it’s possible to get by in Las Vegas on a small budget but also have a lot of fun. It may be hard to believe, but it’s true. It just takes some insider knowledge and clever thinking to get away with spending as little as possible in Las Vegas.

Once you find a cheap hotel (be sure to check our blog for posts about that) either once arriving to Las Vegas – there are a lot unlisted on the internet that are perfectly fine – or booked in advance, you need to take steps to avoid spending too much money.

Lots of adults enjoy having a few alcoholic beverages to relax and have a good time. If you go to a bar or restaurant in Las Vegas, you’re going to pay top dollar for your drinks though. What’s a good way to get a few drinks without punching a hole in that budget of yours? The Casino. Play the penny slots or any other cheap game and drink for free. Well, make sure you tip the cocktail waitresses at least $1 every other drink. You might end up paying for the tips with your winnings anyway. This is a good little tip for those who don’t like to spend their money on drinks!

Take advantage of the double-decker buses to get a (almost) free tour of the strip. If you can manage a seat on top with a good view, you’ll be able to see much of the strip. You can always get off at any of the stops to check out something that looks interesting.

One way to be entertained and have a memorable experience is to go out and wander the streets, especially on the strip. What will you find? Well, in the last few years, there has been an influx of street performers. You can get pictures with them, watch their shows, or listen to their great music. It’s different every day too.

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