How to Dress for Las Vegas Winter Weather

December 17, 2012

The wintertime is a popular time for many Americans to visit Sin City. However, if you’re expecting some kind of warm, dry tropical paradise in the middle of the desert this January, then you might be in for a shocking surprise. Las Vegas isn’t quite the warm retreat you think it is. That being said, the weather in Las Vegas isn’t particularly cold either. Take a look at some of upcoming monthly averages in Las Vegas

January: High of 58º, low of 39º

February: High of 63º, low of 44º

March: High of 70º, low of 49º

As you can see, the weather is cooler, but probably nicer than wherever you’re traveling from this winter. Here are a few of our packing recommendations for Las Vegas:

  • Wear warm socks and good walking shoes. If you’re wearing shoes that you’ve never actually worn on your feet for an entire day, then break them in before the trip. Otherwise, your vacation could be ruined by some nasty blisters and sores.
  • Dress in layers when in Vegas. The weather can change suddenly on you, but if you have a light jacket, sweater or sweatshirt, hat, etc. then you’ll be ready for anything Las Vegas may bring.
  • January, February, and March are by far the rainiest months in Las Vegas. The city sees 0.8 inches of rain February. Sure, that’s not a lot of rain, but Murphy’s Law just might kick in on your trip and bring out the rain clouds. Bring an umbrella and/or poncho on your trip to Las Vegas this winter.
  • Lastly, carry a bag or wear clothing that has plenty of pockets (cargo shorts, Tech Vests, etc.). Depending on where you’re staying and how full your agenda is, you might not be going back to your hotel once you take off in the morning.

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