How to Find the Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

December 24, 2012

Las Vegas has a lot of restaurant turnover. Like any city that thrives on the tourist industry, things come and go. If a restaurant has been around in Las Vegas for several decades, chances are it’s pretty good. But how do you know about those restaurants that just opened their doors six months ago? As a tourist, it can be hard to discern if those restaurants offer quality meals or a plate full of hype.

This week’s insider tip shares four ways you can get the scoop on the restaurant that’s caught your eye…

Ask the Hotel

The concierge service at your hotel should be more than happy to answer your question about any restaurant in the area. However, it’s up to your discretion to be able to tell whether they get kickbacks or not. New restaurants will sometimes pay concierge services to send guests their way. Use your own judgment to decide if a concierge is giving his/her honest opinion, or just raking in the profits for the hotel.


Since your concierge isn’t guaranteed to be the most objective restaurant reviewer, it might be time to turn to online reviews. offers tons of online restaurant reviews. Chances are, the restaurant you’re curious about – no matter how new it is – will have some reviews posted. Remember to always take these food reviews – especially the unsavory ones – with a grain of salt. (Yes, that’s a food pun, but it’s true advice.)

Check Local Papers

Las Vegas food critics like John Curtas have achieved worldwide fame for the words they’ve written about food. It would behoove you to tune in, especially if you’re interested in the fine dining scene. Look through Las Vegas newspapers online archives to find the “official review” of the restaurant that interests you.

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