How to get cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

November 26, 2012

Why would someone want to stay at a cheap hotel? Well, in Las Vegas, any money you save means money you can spend on having fun! Besides, we don’t necessarily mean finding a cheap hotel, we mean getting deals on good hotels so that they become cheap, but great, places to stay during your Las Vegas vacation.

One of the best insider tip’s for getting cheap lodging in Las Vegas involves using a hotel and casino’s Player’s Card or membership card. They are almost always free to sign up for. All you have to do is use it a few times when you play different games or the slot machines in the casino. Sign up in every casino you go to. You’ll be surprised to see how many offers you get from casinos offering free weekend stays or other perks simply because you used their card.

Second, if you can schedule the bulk of your vacation to avoid as many Friday and Saturdays as possible, you’ll save a lot on your hotel. Prices can go up as much as 250% for weekend rates! Not worth it. Also, winter is a great time to visit if cooler weather doesn’t bother you. You’ll get cheaper rates because of the cold; same thing in the hot summer months as well.

Consider staying downtown or not in one of the ideal-locations. You’ll be surprised how much cheaper the rooms are! If you’re looking to turn an OK room into a great room, consider tipping with about $20 to the front desk workers and inquire about complimentary upgrades. You’ll often be able to get away with that.

If you’re really looking for a cheap hotel, there are plenty around. Often times these cheaper hotels/motels are not even listed on the internet. You just have to show up and hope they have a room open (they usually do). Many of these are perfectly acceptable if you’re simply looking for a place to sleep and stay clean. Besides, you should be out and about in the city for as many hours of the day as you can handle. Not in the hotel!

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