Insider Tips from Savvy Las Vegas Visitors

October 22, 2012

Taking a vacation to Las Vegas can be the trip of a lifetime. The city has so much to offer to anyone who visits that it can be a little overwhelming when you get there. Heck, figuring out where you want to stay and which hotel or casino is the right one for you is enough trouble as it is. But once you get to Las Vegas, how do you know if you’re getting the most from your visit? Are you sure you’re getting to the best places for the best prices?

While you can’t always get away with the best things for the cheapest prices, there are some places that are definitely worth seeing. And these places offer experiences you’ll remember for quite a long time. How do we know this? Because travelers from all over the world have been going to the same places in Las Vegas for years because they are the most popular. They are liked because of how they make you feel, the price, and the ease of enjoying whatever event or attraction it is.

One of the best places for food buffets, according to travelers in Vegas, is the Bellagio for breakfast. They have a pretty fancy breakfast buffet set up that will get you ready to go for a long day of checking out all that Las Vegas has to offer. Looking for a good breakfast, but a cheaper one? Try the Palms buffet. In terms of lunch and dinner, you should definitely consider eating a snack for lunch and an early dinner from one of the buffets. If you make it in before 5:00pm at many restaurants, you pay the lunch price which adds up quick when you’re with a big party. If you want to go to at a normal time, make sure you check online for dinner vouchers and discounts. Every penny helps!

One great place to view a real Las Vegas sunset while having a relaxing and enjoyable evening is the VooDoo Lounge at the Rio hotel. This can be a really great experience on a great day. You get to see the entire strip from the roof and take in the beauty of the city with the sunset as a breathtaking backdrop. Take some photos and keep partying!

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