Insider’s Tips: Getting From the Airport to the Hotel

December 31, 2012

This is the point in the journey that we all wait for. The last leg. The final jaunt. You’ve picked up your bags at baggage claim, and you’re almost there. The question sets in: Where exactly is there? And, how do I get there?

Most travelers make their plans as if they can just fly into the airport in Las Vegas, and magically end up at their hotel. While Las Vegas is a city that focuses on “guest accommodations,” no teleporting devices have yet been created!

Getting from the airport to your hotel in Las Vegas takes just a little bit of know-how. Sure, you can just hop in any old taxi that swings by under the ‘Arrivals’ sign, but do you know what the cost is? And if you are quoted a price, how will you know that it’s a good one?

Take it from us… a little bit of planning goes a long way in the Airport à Las Vegas hotel transportation game. Here are our recommendations.

  • If you’re traveling in a group of one to four, definitely opt for a shuttle. This is the cheapest option for groups of this number. A shuttle ride should cost you no more than $6-$7 one-way to a hotel on the Strip. A shuttle ride to anywhere else downtown will run you about $8. If you know when you’re returning to the airport (one always should know on a visit to Las Vegas), then you can save a little extra money by purchasing a round-trip ticket.
  • If you’re traveling with more than four people, it will cost you about the same amount of money (maybe slightly more) to take a taxi or SUV to your hotel. Even if this option costs a few dollars more, the comfort and convenience of non-stop, private transportation is worth it.
  • If you really want to go all out, get a stretch limousine for $55. It’s Las Vegas – why not?


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