Prostitution is Illegal in Las Vegas with Few Exceptions

July 9, 2013

Las Vegas is called Sin City for a number of reasons, but a common misconception is that prostitution is legal. While soliciting in person is illegal, it doesn’t stop men and women from thrusting fliers with lewd pictures in your face. You may even find yourself handed a business card with a number and inappropriate picture.

If you are offended by such material you will just have to accept that these forms of advertisement will find their way towards you one way or another on the Las Vegas Strip. The truth of the matter is these “business cards” advertise an exchange for a sexual encounter for money. With the exception of a few legally permitted brothels in Las Vegas, trading sex for money is illegal and people can and are prosecuted for the practice. If you run into a prostitute and come up with a payment arrangement other than cash, you can still be charged because of the payment’s monetary value.

Even if money is not exchanged for the encounter, solicitation of prostitution in Nevada is illegal and people have been found guilty of solicitation for simply asking about trading sex for money. There are even sting operations performed by undercover officers in Las Vegas casinos just waiting to arrest people who solicit them. These undercover officers have and do pose as prostitutes in casinos, bars, lounges, and nightclubs. Guests are best to avoid prostitutes or perceived prostitutes because the risk of prosecution by undercover male and female officers is high.

If you travel to Las Vegas and are charged with soliciting a prostitute, there is a fairly good chance your charges will be dropped under certain conditions. The best defenses tend to be:

Entrapment: that the Las Vegas police engaged you in an activity you would normally never do. Burden falls to the defense to prove it was entrapment.

Lack of evidence

Mistake: if the other party thinks there was a sexual agreement when none was made.

In Nevada, prostitution and solicitation are considered misdemeanors. If charged with either, the penalties in Las Vegas are a $1,000 fine and/or six months in jail. Avoiding prostitutes is the best way to avoid trouble but in the case of solicitation charges, there are law offices for your defense.

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