Protect Your Identity in Las Vegas

June 25, 2013

Whether you are in Las Vegas or anywhere else, you should always be cautious and diligent about protecting your identity. In a city ripe with pickpockets, prostitutes, drinks, and clubbing, the risk of losing important and personal information is an ever-present threat. There are a number of tips for protecting your identity you should always consider.

To protect your identity while in Las Vegas, keep these tips in mind:

Personal information can be found in dumpsters. Identity thefts will sift through trash cans looking for ATM receipts and credit card purchase receipts. If using a Las Vegas ATM, find a safe way to dispose of your receipt or opt for no receipt. Similarly, wait to dispose of your credit card receipt where dumpster divers or garbage pickers won’t find it.

Be vigilant about “skimmers”. These are often employees who perform legal transactions but use electronic devices to copy numbers and information off of your card. If handing your credit card to someone, try to keep it in sight.

We wary of “shoulder surfers” who stand too close when you are entering in your PIN number. Don’t read your credit card number out loud in order to avoid people from getting your credit card information.

Check your credit card statement or bank withdrawals while in Las Vegas in a private place. The best place would be in your hotel room while alone or with family. This helps you monitor if any false charges or withdrawals were made under your name.

Don’t carry your social security card or check book with you. If you need to write checks, carry only the number of checks you need to write.

Keep one credit card and one debit card with you. This limits what can be lost or stolen.

Do not give out personal information to anyone unless necessary. Even if you find that handsome man or beautiful woman you’ve dreamt of meeting, you never know if they are part of a larger network of identity thieves.

When traveling to Las Vegas, you are your best identity protection advocate. By using a bit of common sense and being mindful of others, you can protect yourself and your finances. If you lose your wallet in a taxi, then call the taxi company. They are legally required to maintain a lost and found.

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