Saving Money at Las Vegas

October 8, 2012

Las Vegas is one of the most unique places in the entire world. There are many casinos, shows, attractions, restaurants, and even celebrities that you can see on a vacation that there really is something for everyone. Even though it’s often portrayed as a party place, there are many activities and events that are family-friendly, or at least just a little less party crazy than what you read about on the news sometimes!

Las Vegas can surely put a dent in your finances if you don’t plan ahead. Unless you’re a rich traveler (and most people aren’t!), this article will be helpful when it comes to saving money during your trip. Saving money means you can spend more to have a great time! Or it will save you from working overtime after you get back home. Many times, a Vegas traveler comes home with a giant holes in his wallets. Having the time of your life costs money! But don’t fret; there are ways to save and still have fun!

Here are some initial tips about restaurants and hotels in Las Vegas. First of all, there are plenty of great restaurants in Las Vegas. Whatever restaurant you find yourself in, make sure you ask if they offer any special offers or deals. It’s likely in Las Vegas, and you can probably get great food for a fraction of the cost. Another insider tip is to head out for an early dinner. Lunchtime deals usually last until 5pm. Many restaurants offer great lunch specials, so you can get a huge meal for an inexpensive price. Lastly, make sure you tip well! Shoot for 20% or better; Vegas isn’t a cheap place, and the service is usually great! Reward them for it!

When it comes to hotels, make sure you ask for coupons when you check in, or whenever you eat a restaurant that is located in a hotel. It can’t hurt to ask, right? You might get lucky and score some coupons for hotel offerings. A big insider tip is to keep an eye on social networking accounts of the big hotels and casinos. They often post amazing deals and inside information about what’s going on!

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