The Low-down on Seasons in Las Vegas

October 29, 2012

When it comes to tourist locations, many places around the world are usually open for tourist season one or two seasons throughout the year. The weather plays an important role for many places. But unlike many huge tourist areas, Las Vegas is pretty much a place you can visit year-round. It all depends on what kind of weather, and what sort of things you’d like to do, in Sin City.

For the most part, summer is the most popular season for people to visit Las Vegas. Prices are usually higher, and it can be hard to find a room at a resort since many people book their summer vacation trips months in advance. During the day, temperatures can easily get up to the 100s. It is desert heat though; there is little humidity, and it is easier to bear than other places at the same temperature. If you’re into water attractions or pools, summer is the time for you. If you want to be doing a lot of stuff outside during the day, you might want to consider a different season for your vacation.

Spring is probably one of the most pleasant times to visit Las Vegas. Temperatures don’t get too hot and there’s usually a breeze to cool you off if they do. Spring is a great time to see the attractions near Las Vegas, as well as explore The Strip. Plus, prices come down a little bit compared to summer.

In the fall, prices aren’t much different than they are in the spring. There’s really not much of a discernable difference. You’ll get decent prices on rooms and vacation packages, but they won’t be as cheap as they are in the winter.

Winter is probably the best time to visit Las Vegas if you’re looking to get the most from your money. You won’t be dealing with the best weather; in fact, it might even a rain a few times during the winter, but you won’t be competing with as many tourists. Crowds aren’t as overwhelming and prices definitely decease. But don’t plan to see much outside of the city; it’s a lot colder at the other local attractions like the Grand Canyon.


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