Tips for Traveling in and around Las Vegas

October 15, 2012

Las Vegas is a huge attraction. People all over the world come to Vegas for its extravagant, over-the-top entertainments. There are casinos, shows, a nightlife that is unmatchable, awesome architecture on display, resorts, and so much more available in the city. Plus, it’s a chance for many people to really go wild and have a great time. It’s even a family-friendly vacation spot despite the nickname “Sin City” that people often think of when they hear “Las Vegas.”

When you arrive, it can be a little confusing trying to figure out the best way to travel. The city has a monorail service, but sometimes that can be a little overwhelming and also expensive if you don’t get the right pass. If you do decide to use the monorail, make sure you buy a three-day pass for you and anyone who would use it. Public buses are also a decent way to travel in the city, but you are at the mercy of bus schedules. The best way to travel in Las Vegas is probably by taxi, which works out best when you have a group of people. That way, it will be much cheaper for everyone. If you don’t have enough for a full taxi, it doesn’t hurt to ask other people that are waiting if they’re headed in the same direction. It’s definitely a way to save money!

If you ever feel like being a little bit of a rebel, or you get tired of the city on your vacation, there are many attractions nearby that will make your day. Las Vegas isn’t just about The Strip. Two of the big attractions that aren’t too far away are the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, both of which are worthy of a day trip.

Whatever you do, don’t go with what seems easiest or most available. That’s likely going to cost you more. Ask around and watch what other savvy travelers do while in Vegas. You’ll save some bucks that you can use in the Casino or out at a fancy restaurant!

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