Use a Forum to Make the Most of Your Las Vegas Vacation

December 10, 2012

If you travel much at all, chances are you’ve turned to a forum at one point or another to have your questions answered. Forums are online communities where people who share a common interest congregate to discuss that interest.

Of course, today, the interest we’re interested in is Las Vegas. Once you go to Las Vegas, you’ll understand just exactly why people are crazy about it: the party atmosphere, great food, incredible night life and entertainment, and the casinos all work together to produce a city that’s unlike anywhere else in the United States. Many people who go once return on a yearly basis.

It’s this repeat-tourist-crowd, along with the locals, that make up the “Las Vegas forum experts.” When you need a really specific question answered, ask your friends here at Shows Las Vegas, or create a short post to one of these forum experts.

Where Do You Find Them?

A quick Google search will reveal dozens of active Las Vegas forums. Some are geared toward different types of tourists, while others focus on the entertainment industry, the food scene, or some other aspect of the Las Vegas culture (Elvis impersonators anyone?).

However, we’ve done the research work for you. Here are our favorite Las Vegas forums, which you can use to aid in the planning of your trip:

  • Vegas Message Board. This site should be your number one destination for getting answers to your specific Las Vegas questions. Members on this forum tend to be very well informed, as it seems many of the members actually live in Las Vegas. Also, this forum has hundreds of thousands of posts. Before you post, make sure you do a thorough search through its archives.
  • TripAdvisor. Generally speaking, Trip Advisor has some great forums for the bigger cities of the world. The Las Vegas page is no exception. While it isn’t updated nearly as frequently as Vegas Message Board, the questions are good, the answers are solid, and the layout is friendly.

Have a favorite forum of your own? Share it with other readers in the comments section below.

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