Ways to Beat the Las Vegas Heat

June 18, 2013

Las Vegas is a hot place to visit many months of the year. As a desert city, the sun can beat down hard and the air can be dry. Visitors to Las Vegas have many ways to avoid heat complications. The risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke is a threat at any age in such warm weather. No matter if you are 21 or 91; here are some helpful hints for staying cool when Las Vegas is over 100 degrees:

Use the shade: Try to avoid walking directly in the sunlight. The concrete and paved streets will hold onto heat and reflect it back. Reflected heat won’t be as bad in areas that have been shaded.

Stay hydrated: You can become dehydrated even without sweating but when Las Vegas is over 110 degrees, you need to keep replenishing fluids. Water and Gatorade are among your best hydration sources.

Avoid alcohol: Even though you are in Las Vegas and want to party, staying hydrated is important. Alcohol will dehydrate your body and even if the drink is frozen or chilled, you should avoid drinking alcohol in the middle of a hot day. Alcoholic beverages do not replace water for hydration purposes.

Stay indoors during peak hours: Hotels, Casinos, and many other attractions are air conditioned. Go indoors to get a break from the high temperatures.

Visit a pool: A great way to cool off is by swimming in a pool. An indoor pool is ideal in order to avoid sunburns.

Wear protective gear: Protect your eyes from the sun by wearing dark sunglasses. To shade your face, wear a hat. Wide-brimmed hats may even shade your neck.

Dress for the occasion: If you are visiting Las Vegas anywhere from May to August, you can count on it being hot. Pack your back with light cottons or other breathable materials. Bring comfortable shoes.

Plan your itinerary carefully: Try to plan your schedule where you will be inside during the heat of the day and outside in the early morning or late evening hours. This means you will be outside when it is cooler and indoors when temperatures reach their peak.

Protect and nourish your skin: Wear sun block to protect your skin. Replace it every two hours or sooner if sweating heavily. If you get sunburned, nourish your skin with an aloe gel and moisturizing lotion.

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