Carrot Top Show Tickets

Nobody knows him by his given name of Scott Thompson but everyone nationally recognizes the stage name Carrot Top. With his trademark red mop hairdo and a vast array of comedic talent, Carrot Top brings down the house at the Luxor Atrium Showroom. Carrot Top has created a niche for himself with his snippy one-liners, insane usage of props, and his overall quick-wittedness. Every Carrot Top show is bound to be an experience in itself. Getting the crowd involved in the act is only the start to this amazing talent’s show that will bust your gut and have you heaving for air from the non-stop laughter.

Carrot Top himself says that, “nobody can steal my act. I have challenged other comics to write me a prop and they can’t.” This is his own words and it simply sums up a Carrot Top show.

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