Jay Leno Show Tickets

The man who replaced Johnny Carson himself takes the stage at the Mirage Theater in Las Vegas. Jay Leno, the king of late night, takes the stage to deliver one of the best stand-up comedy acts you will ever encounter. Jay Leno seems to have a natural talent for making people laugh. It comes so naturally to him that nearly every comment the man makes is a quip of sorts that deserves a good chuckle. When Leno comes to the stage for his stand-up routines it will require more than a mere chuckle on your part. Your gut-reaction will send your stomach into a tumultuous twisted ball of laughter.

Taking the best of late night television and Jay Leno’s natural abilities in front of a crowd, his shows can only be described as legendary – a legendary performance from a world-renowned and legendary performer. His ability to crash on mainstream pop culture and on politics in such a sly manner is a trademark. You will be sitting back in your seat watching Jay tell you stories and producing one hilarious moment after another.

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