Mike Hammer’s Comedy Magic Show Show Tickets

You may think you know what a magic show will hold, but you will never expect Mike Hammer’s Comedy Magic Show. Mike Hammer is unlike any other magician you will encounter on the Las Vegas strip. His fast-paced style combines comedy, action and magic to create an interactive, thrilling experience.

Mike Hammer loves to push boundaries. Unlike some other magicians you may encounter, Hammer does not perform any of the standard magic tricks; his magic is as energetic and action-packed as the rest of his show. At a Mike Hammer show you might see him read someone’s mind, or swallow a double-edged razor blade, or maybe something else entirely! Hammer is a master of improvisation – every single one of his shows is completely original. Utilizing large amounts of audience participation as well as a healthy dose of imagination and creativity, Mike Hammer customizes every show for that particular audience. With Mike Hammer the only thing you can expect is to be surprised.

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