PeepShow Show Tickets

“A new bar has been set for the Las Vegas burlesque, and its name is PEEPShow”, says “What’s On.” Vegas’ only striptease spectacular, PEEPShow—starring Holly Madison of the hit TV show “Holly’s World”—is the sexiest show to hit Las Vegas. With Tony Award winning director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell pulling the strings, PEEPShow is hands down, the Strip’s “hottest new show in town” according to ABC’s “Nightline.”

Get re-introduced to Bo Peep in an all new way. PEEPShow takes your childhood fairytales and puts a whole new spin on them. These aren’t the tales that you remembered as a kid but these are the tales and characters that you will leave PEEPShow remembering. Follow Bo Peep on her journey through this naughty and sexy fantasy land as she searches for her sexual and powerful self.

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