Rita Rudner Show Tickets

For many, a good Las Vegas show is all about the punch line. Comedy has played a role in the fabulous Las Vegas for as long as anyone can remember. With legendary acts that have occupied the city’s theatres and casinos for decades, it’s no surprise Las Vegas has such a high reputation when it comes to top notch comedy.

Meet Rita Rudner. Actually, you probably already know her, and if you don’t you should. Here’s why: Rita Rudner has operated the longest-running one-person comedy show in Las Vegas history. Her tremendous success is accredited to almost a decade’s worth of hard work in Vegas alone. All of her success has recently led Rita Rudner to take up residency in beautiful and intimate The Venetian Showroom.

If you haven’t seen her yet, make sure to carve out time for Rita Rudner so you can say “I saw her back when…”

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