Stripper 101 Show Tickets

Have you ever wondered how strippers perform those sexy, acrobatic moves for which they are famous? Then Stripper 101 is the Las Vegas experience for you! This women-only class is the number 1 pole dancing class in the world! In a safe, fun environment, women can learn how to perform all those intricate moves and unleash their inner sex goddesses!

The experience of Stripper 101 begins at the Stripper bar where guests can enjoy a complimentary cocktail, helping them to muster some courage and leave their inhibitions behind. After that, it’s time to get on with the dancing! Once everyone is starting to feel sexy, the class moves to a private dance studio, where a series of expert instructors will guide the class in the latest and greatest exotic dance moves. Participants don’t just dance, but they also learn how to strip, pose, pull faces, and rock the pole like a real exotic dancer.

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