Tournament of Kings Show Tickets

Enter the Excalibur Arena and step back into time with the Tournament of Kings. This amazing adventure takes you back to the Middle Ages and a time when jousting was the king’s sport of choice. Enjoy dinner and a show as real jousting battles take place before your eyes. This magnificent sport has begun to make a comeback at the Tournament of Kings. Here, you come face to face with the lance and horse – the chosen tools of the trade. During the prime of jousting, kings would suit up and/or send their best knights to battle for glory and honor. Just to be able to enter a tournament was considered an honor.

Witness knights in full armor take mount upon their horses and charge towards each other with lances in hand. The sometimes brutal clash of lance against armor sends knights flying from horseback and to the arena turf. Eight jousters take up the challenge for a live tournament of action before your eyes. The crowd must take sides during the battles and cheer there jouster to victory.

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