Vinnie Favorito Show Tickets

At the Flamingo Bugsy’s Cabaret awaits a man with an edgy brand of comedy that will have him in your face and prepared to go at it with a war of words. Vinnie Favorito takes his audiences by storm; ripping them apart with comedic wittedness and flare that will have you wondering how, who, where, and why while laughing it up at the same time. Vinnie could be considered a “roaster.” He will roast the crowd with the best of them but unlike many in the roasting business, Vinnie’s jokes are not pre-planned. His impromptu style creates a unique experience that cannot be matched or replicated anywhere else.

Politically incorrect to the extreme, Vinnie says things that most of us would never dream of saying at all, let alone in public. If you can name it then Vinnie can remark about it. He knows no boundaries and will take on the next stranger that walks in the door just like his college dorm mate.

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